Friday, July 11, 2014


# 0.  I arrive at 3:45.  Think that should be enough time.

# 1. At first, they tell me "1 hour wait time." Then, I get status updates, and it keeps getting longer. 69, 75, 89 minutes...

I ask lady at desk why that is. "Oh. Maybe people got dropped, but they're put back in." I'm like "Ahead of me ?"

One hour later, status update: "Your wait-time is one hour."

# 2. Instead of taking a ticket, so you'll know what order you're in...Like 7, 8, 9... They use the last four digits of your telephone. So: you have no idea when your number's coming up. (Status updates, but again: not helpful.)

# 3. I leave -- b/c I have a real life, outside of the DMV. I come back a little after 5 pm: guard won't let me in. I'm like "I got here at 3:45. Kept getting bumped back.  Not my fault." He says "Can't come in, unless you get permission--like this guy." (Middle-aged man enters.) I ask: "Where can I complain ?"

# 4. I complain through text message. Then, I get message: "Come on back to DMV." I'm like: "Really ? You're giving me permission ?" It says: "Ok, we pushed back your spot in line so you can have additional time."

I rush back, like "Hooray!" I tell the guard: "They gave me permission, over the phone." It sounds like a real person is text-messaging me--but he says no. The guard--with blond goatee--is totally cold-blooded. I ask to talk to manager. Won't come out and see me. Only over radio.  (Kind of cowardly.)  I ask "Then who's been texting me ?

I haven't been this mad in a while. Really horrible customer service.

p.s. They shouldn't have shut down the one in Sparks. B/c...then the wait time wasn't so long, with two locations.

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