Monday, November 19, 2012

My dream last night.

Dream last night: I was homeless. A bunch of us. Purple sleeping bag--took a while to find. Then police & dog kicked me out. "Okay, I guess can go back to my Dad's house," I told him.  (But thinking: come back later.)

Then, an abandoned bookstore--a crowd of us. Walked by, overheard some guys--maybe hiding stolen money in some books. Had to pretend I didn't hear them.

Then, at the subway station. Two guys--with entourages--going to fight. Thenone pulls out a shotgun, shoots the other. I saw it (even blood), from far away. Crowds disperse. Then... [I forgot.]  But remember thinking: "In the confusion, I can go back and check..."  A. Maybe the bookstore again, B. My sleeping bag ?  Anyhow...

O Dreamland ! What adventure awaits me tonight ?

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