Sunday, November 18, 2012

Where I got the idea (for the Jaws of the Vortex).

It happens so often--in Twilight, Tangled, and Fight Club, for example--that they begin by threatening: "This is the story of how I die." (Death being the biggest thing we can think of.)

Then, they weasel their way out of it, and don't die. I think to myself: "That's cowardly. If it's fiction, let 'em die. Then what would happen?" That was the impetus for this book.

Then, I thought: "If Hell is half as big as our regular world, seems like there'd be more than one person in charge." (Or, after thousands of years: someone else.) So, voila. Why not six kings?

Then they can fight amongst themselves--and there's a rumor: that if one of the kings [or queens] kills the other five, then he [or she] becomes the god of the Underworld.

So, I'm aiming to write six books. One of the kings dies in each of the six books. (For suspense--and mystery: to figure out, who'll be the last one standing.)

And p.s. What's available now is actually only half of the first book (altho. it's 500+ pages). It's epic.  The rest should be available post-Christmas break, ideally.

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